About & etc

Ampersand, Etc. is a creative outlet that is dedicated to providing beautiful designs that uplift and delight you!  Hope & joy are two of &etc.'s guiding principles.  We strive to look for the beauty that lies in each new day and seek to share items that are reminders of that.  

What's in a Name?

Ampersand is the formal name for the "and" symbol {&}. This all too often, funny-looking glyph is one of my little testers for a new type face. Certain letters and the ampersand could quickly make or break my admiration of a font.  As for the etc., that is everything else that goes into a design... the colors, the graphics, the labor & most importantly, the joy!

Behind &etc?

Creative Director: Victoria

Wife, Mother of 3, Hopeful soul
I enjoy the creative process & love all things celebratory

- wife & mother to my favorite & most loved people! 
- food/drink combo: sushi & pink champagne
- distracted by fonts and most things vintage
- major in college: philosophy
- favorite virtue: hope (symbol is an anchor) 
- color: you guessed it! PINK!