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About the Products

Each design is custom printed and sent your way!  When coming up with designs, I use either things that mean a lot to me or designs I have made for others.  I think there is so much to enjoy by a beautiful mug or inspirational quote hanging by your bedroom mirror.  The right quote or saying can inspire and encourage.   We live in an age where we are bombarded by digital images, so being able to see one printed or wear one, can have an amazing impact on us.  If you are interested in a custom saying or quote, just reach out and let us know.  Or send a note to say hi! :) 

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We are live!

Who could believe it?  A new site dedicated to things of beauty and custom designs!  I used to do custom stationery and wedding invitations.  But with 3 little ones and a full time job, that became a little too much.  So an idea was born... an online store, where I can design and add products as time allows!  We are so grateful you found us!  The designs are products of myself with contributions from my littles!  We hope you enjoy! 

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